• It all happened so suddenly
    Who would have guessed when it happened?
    What happened to cause this?
    Why do we have to leave daddy all alone?

    I never heard the fights you had.
    Daddy was my world, why do we have to leave him?
    I never saw the anger in your eyes.
    Then suddenly we leave daddy
    "At least you have your sisters"
    "but Daddy, I need you too."
    The first time I saw daddy cry

    Mommy, why are we leaving?
    I like it here. I have friends, I have a family.
    Why do we have to leave where daddy isn't?
    Forget it, I don't love you anymore!

    Mommy stop shouting at daddy
    He loves you, can't you see?
    He keeps the house for you and for me
    Even though we aren't there anymore.

    Mommy, I hate you!
    Daddy, I'm coming back!
    Daddy, why are you yelling?
    Why are you so mad at me?
    What's wrong with Jacob, he's not being bad?
    Stop telling me these things!
    I hate mommy already!
    I don't need you to say that!
    You can't tell me this!
    I'm supposed to be happy now!

    Maybe if I was grown up
    maybe if I do the dishes
    maybe if I clean the house
    maybe if I get better grades
    maybe if I eat healthier food
    maybe it will all be better

    What is that daddy?
    The house is going, what do you mean?
    I don't want to go back!
    I hate her, I love you!
    Don't send me back to hell!
    Its cold up there!
    They're angry because they're together!
    They're mean because they hate each other!
    Mommy hurt us, I don't want to live with her!

    Daddy, don't do this!
    Daddy, I love you!
    Can't you see?
    She's tearing us apart again!
    Don't let her do this, this is all her fault!
    Did I do something wrong?
    I'll do my own laundry too!
    I'll make dinner every night!
    I'll stop kissing James!
    I won't sneak out of the house again!

    Please... Please...
    Let me stay with you, I hate her!
    Isn't there anything I can do?
    Please, don't yell
    Please don't cry...

    "Hey mom"
    "Hey Em"
    "I guess I'm coming back."
    "I can't wait"
    "Yeah. Me neither."

    Mommy I don't like to lie to you
    Mommy I still love you
    I don't want to keep saying these things to you
    I want you to know I'm unhappy without daddy
    I want you to know I'm unhappy without you
    Even though you hurt me, I'm still your little girl

    I want to fix what happened
    but I know that won't ever happen
    I suddenly feel like a child
    I don't understand
    I thought I was so smart but
    How can a family break?

    Mommy, please help me understand.
    Mommy, stop yelling!
    Mommy, don't ignore me!
    I need yours and daddy's help,
    no matter how mad I get at you.
    Mommy, can't you understand?
    I don't know how
    but my family is gone.
    If you can't bring it back, who can?
    Do I really need my family to be happy?

    "Hey mom"
    "Hey Em, you're finally here."
    "Yeah, I guess so."
    "Are you okay?"
    No. "yeah I'm fine"
    "have you been crying?"
    Yes. "No, its just cold outside"

    Mommy I love you
    For you I'll stick through
    but if you don't help me
    if you can't understand
    in three years I'm gone forever.