• Oh, That world out there is a dark grey Place,
    The realm is white and the ink is splattered,
    But one day, you and me will colour that world, and the dark we'll erase.
    For the souls of them have been nothing but shattered.

    The people have cried, screamed and spoken,
    That world out there has no emotion,
    Because the people are gone and the colours are broken,
    And the ink has blackend that dieing ocean.

    What will we do, oh love of mine?
    Because that darkend world is full of sorrow,
    The gods are gone, And we lost those divine,
    And well colour that world, maybe tommorow.

    Are you feeling trapped or maybe lost?
    Because well find the way,
    Where our paths have crossed,
    But just remember that place out there is cold and grey.

    So grab a paint brush and color with me,
    Well give that world a little time,
    And well fill that world with a lovely glee,
    And it wont cost us a quarter, not even a dime.

    First i'll paint the mountains,
    Then you paint the seas,
    Ill use blues on the fountains,
    And you'll use green on the trees.

    Ill paint the the skies,
    You paint the clouds,
    And the love you'll see deep in my eyes,
    As the people once forgotten appear from their shrouds.

    Oh that world was a colourless place,
    The seas were blacked,
    And the world hid its face,
    The emotion was gone, the colour was lacked.

    But oh lovely we restored its serenity,
    The dark is gone and unspoken,
    We revealed this colourless worlds true identity,
    And we have fixed that place that once was broken.