• I am the sky and she Is the seed
    For our love to grow is what I need.
    Everything need sun to grow,
    But theres not enough of it to show.

    Little sprouts need rain to start
    But it seems like you are not playing your part.
    I pour and I pour,
    But still you demand more.

    You tell me you need wind, but not too much
    Am i trying to hard to make you lush?
    I give you what you ask
    But its not exactly the easiest task.

    You say you need some friends, so plant I do.
    Im trying so hard, all for you.
    They start to grow
    But your flowers are no where to show.

    I have done so hard to try to show you how I feel
    But every time you act as though you will keel
    I want so bad to be with you
    But nothing I ever say is new.

    I guess I will have to wait
    But its hard for me to leave it to fate.
    Because of the way you make me feel
    I want this love to have a seal

    I will wait for you
    no matter how long I must.