• Back in the pyre, wrapped in copper wire
    a forest of conflicting concepts surrunds
    I have golden silk entwined in the branches of a Maple tree
    before me. Before you
    I could breathe free
    Simply put, I had delight, so exeptional
    and my spite, so intellectual
    served to stain the skin
    you remain in sin
    So I begin...again...
    Back in the fire, I brand you as a liar
    and you have tricked me again to gain control
    your wings and your voice leave a viscious hole
    your body crackles and cackles like kryptonite in the moonlight
    your sick concoction gives me the Sight
    to see the viscinity of your malice
    and the obscenity of your averice
    So every blow I make is intentional
    and again, I have delight, so exeptional