• no ones left to care
    didnt anyone ever care
    all my friends have washed away
    like sand on a forgotten beach
    and the memories fade
    with each passing day

    i sit on bed alone and afraid
    i pull the sharp, pointed item out
    i hands tremble as i hold it
    i press it deep in my skin
    tears run fly down my hot cheek
    but i barely notice im too focused on the task at hand
    one more scar

    i think of all the times
    that i once felt loved
    when he would hold me close
    when i saw her smile
    just one more scar

    when i luagh with them
    when i cried with them
    when we did nothing together
    all the happy moment that had changed my life
    all the lonely moment spent wishing to be in the past
    u can count them all on my arms