• A Ballad to Beauty
    There's beauty in all I see.
    It permeates through everything including me
    It can be found in reading by the fire
    and in truthful and loving desire
    In a tranquil, wooded grove
    and the smell of wassail simmering on the stove
    Amongst the very presence of Life
    Even amidst sorrow and strife
    All it takes is the proper Sight
    And the Courage and Might
    To accept contrary Views
    If you can do that, you can never truly lose
    in this, a lesson can be learned
    That tru Happiness is never given, but rather easily earned
    Now free yourself of empty fears
    And shed only happy tears
    Be unbiased and open-minded
    And you'll rarely be blinded
    To the true Beauty of things
    Your Joy will spread its wings
    And soar to many great heights
    You'll be largely unaffected by the times life bites
    And the ones it may sting
    During such times you may even feel good enough to sing
    You will laugh in Pain's face
    And accept hate and anger with eternal Grace
    You will be very well of indeed
    And offer help to others in Need
    You will Discover your Inner Truth
    Eternally feeling at the peak of your Youth
    You'd rarely, if ever feel old
    no matter what you may be told
    As being old is a state of mind
    Such chains will fail to bind.