• Steady hands just take the wheel.
    Every glance is killing me.
    Yeah I know that everyone gets scared.

    The crunch of the gravel under the unyielding weight.
    The impenetrable wind.
    The eerie silence.

    I think I'm moving, but I go no where.
    I became what I hated most, and you agree.
    I start to wonder why I'm here, not there.

    Can you see what I see?
    Can you tell?
    I guess you can't.

    One more look, I promised.
    Its addicting, another one please.
    Will you follow, and protect like you said?

    Heart holding a relay race with mind,
    despair fighting with reason,
    No return, versus, no promises.

    One look to the sky,
    Another one, last one I promised.
    Yet another please? I know, it's addicting.
    Starry night, be my savior.