• I wake up ever day and look in the mirror
    Not wanting to be me,
    but it's me
    Puffy cheeks, brown eyes, brown skin, Dark hair is all i can see
    Nothing special ever happen's to me
    Everyone has interest in conversation
    And I am not invited to their position
    Is it because of my reflection? confused

    I just wanted to have beauty
    but I didn't realize what life was trying to tell me
    Your pretty as can be
    Don't become your own enemy
    Your pretty as can be heart

    Sometimes on lonely nights
    I'd cry so softly
    Because I have no will to be liviing
    Nor for my heart to be beating
    As if anyone even knows I'm existing redface

    I don't want to talk please leave me alone
    I don't want to be touched or watched
    I have grown to a point where all emotions have gone
    because no matter how many times I've tried to change
    I've just been put in the same postion again talk2hand

    I just wanted to have beauty
    but didn't realize what you were trying to tell me
    "Your pretty as can be
    don't become your own enemy!
    Understand that your pretty as can be! heart 3nodding heart