• I glance up from my sheet and am surrounded by armed soldiers of time
    everything is a blur, im lost in a menacing tsunami of equations
    the salty perspiration from my eyebrow is trickling and traveling down my nose
    I feel numb and feeble, like the blood is being sucked out from my veins with a vacuum
    the high-pitched tick tock of the clock plays like a drum against my ear
    the olfaction is making its way up from my stomach
    its throttling me to the point where I can hardly breathe
    I can taste the crude of the virulent atmosphere
    my pencil is quavering out of my hand, I cant do this any longer
    the rustling of pages turning sound like nails on a chalkboard
    I force myself to look up and find that the gunshots have stopped
    the soldiers have dissapeared, the war is over
    I am no longer enclosed and am free to the ring of the bell