• I have litte more to say...
    I have little more to give...
    I have little more...
    It has been done
    And it has been said
    This time there is no turning back
    ...Not like before
    ...No no...
    This time our goodbyes must be as stong as stone
    And as hard as diamond
    You have him
    And he has you
    ...where does that leave me?
    I'm just the pointless third wheel
    Your happiness is my misery
    We had made plans for the future
    But now they are nothing short of shattered dreams
    Broken on on the ground
    Glittering like broken glass
    I can't truly say how much i love you
    But even if i could
    It wouldn't change the plain and simple fact
    That your gone
    You can take your heartbreak with you
    ...It is so much more important to somebody else
    Good bye
    Good luck
    Have a good life
    Good night.