• When I wake up from this nightmare,
    Everything will be better.
    We'll all be happy.
    There'll be no more arguments, fights, wars.

    When I wake up,
    The dark, dull sky will turn blue,
    The dead plants will bloom once more,
    The majestic trees will be green not baer,
    The stars will light up the night sky with a glimps of hope.

    But there's a problem.
    I can't wake up.
    No matter how much I scream,
    I can't wake up from this nightmare.
    I now i know.....I'm awake.

    When I wake up.
    And see all the good in this God forsaken world.
    I know,
    That'll i'll be asleep,
    And i wont wake up from that last, sweet slummber.