• I've done what people want me too,
    For too long.
    I'm sick and tired,
    Of being told,
    What is right and what is wrong.
    What to do and what not to do,
    How to dress and how to look.

    One day,
    We are all gonna break,
    All the ones that have been pushed down,
    Ordered around, and been told to change.

    One day,
    We will fight back,
    And we will not show mercy.
    Get ready for the revenge,
    There will be no survivors.

    We can think for ourselves,
    We will do what is right
    Even if its wrong in your eyes,
    We will please ourseelves and no one else!

    Don't push us,
    We are close to our limit,
    And we will break.
    Sooner or later,
    We will break,
    And we will take you all down,
    While we stand tall.