• On sunny days; the breeze carries your soft scent pleasantly. On gloomy days when it is raining; You brighten up my day. On snowy days that force me to stay home; you give me something to think about. On windy days; you blow me away with you blatant beauty."

    "Even though I dislike summer, I still enjoy the breeze it gives. Even though I dislike spring, I enjoy the flowers that bloom. Even though I though I dislike fall, I enjoy the falling leaves. Even though I dislike Winter, I still enjoy the snow. Even if I dislike life, I will always love you."-

    Love is like metal,
    you can bend it,
    beat it,
    mash it up,
    but it will still be metal;
    like my unchanging love for you

    A season of letting go,
    Leaves falling for the ground,
    Leaving behind the airy bitterness it had for its fatigued neighbor,
    Leaves' attitude cooling down,
    Hot temperatures are a thing of the past,
    Leaves are aging rapidly as Spring finally meets its peak,
    Finally, regretfully realizing through experience,
    That lonely street is always ready to accept company,
    Street, always being trampled on is ready to love,
    Fall is that season where leaf blankets street with a temporary affection,
    leaf's feelings solidly stuck on street,
    Enjoys the limited months they have together,
    before leaf is blown away by another chance,
    Spring rolls in again,
    Leaf is bright and young again,
    But not young with age,
    but refreshed with the guarantee,
    that street will always be waiting

    Love briefly happens at first sight,
    Loving develops over a period of time,
    With Each breath I take,
    It is for you,
    Breathing is involuntary,
    As my love for you is not controllable.

    Can have irregular sides of love,
    A one sided love that a lonely side faces between the two others,
    Regardless of the irregularity,
    The lonely side has positive, perpendicular feelings for the smaller side,
    when he sees the two attracted sides are happy,
    The unequal side has the biggest case of loneliness,
    But seeing the joy between the angle is enough for the one sided lover,
    Her conceited happiness is his supplementary satisfaction,
    For his love is greater than the other partner,
    To know that he is there to complete the triangle,
    Is his greatest joy,
    Though, unnoticed, he will be there to support the two lovable sides,
    And will secretly keep his hidden love from the side,
    watching from the opposite side at a right angle.
    For his love is greater than 360 degrees,
    That goes into an infinite loop,
    Makes his mind spin in circles,
    the butterflies twirling in his stomach carries him far away,
    into a place of tangent dreams...