• Perhaps one day,
    You will see
    That I am not like other fish in the sea.
    Perhaps one day,
    You and me
    Can be together like leaves in the breeze.

    Maybe one day,
    I will know
    How my emotions and love will show.
    Maybe one day,
    You will smile
    And make it worth my while.

    If only you knew...
    I still think of you as more.
    If only you knew...
    My love is louder than the fiercest roar.

    I don't think I have it.
    It seems to never quit.

    Love for you is ever lasting.
    It's burning
    So brightly.
    Never ceasing it's caressing warmth.

    The Gods do not know
    The power of which this emotion binds me.
    It contorts me.
    It twists me.
    It throws me around before I can blink,
    And I am left with that battered feeling inside.
    That place in my heart where you made me die.