• [Can use beginning of Tik Tok by Ke$ha]

    So far my grades had dropped to 60 percent, (though Facebook)
    You’ve made my social life so content.
    I can use you to stalk people, (even) though they’re no where in sight,
    And I can stay on you forever ‘cuz you’re such a delight. (Gonna stay all night)

    [Chorus I]
    Facebook, oh, I see you all around,
    You just control my life and all things that surround,
    ^^ I see you in my email, my computer, and my text,
    [Say a bit slower] You’ll maybe spread to kindergarten, I wonder what comes next.

    Like meh status, become a fan,
    Comment on-a post, and start a new trend,
    Oh gawd [OMG], a new hott application. [Can replace ‘oh gawd’ with OMG]
    Facebook, you’re like a drug, my stupid addiction.

    [Chorus II]
    Facebook, oh, I see you all around,
    I feel that I have no life and forget the things (that) surround.
    ^^ I see you in the hallways, library and my complex;
    You’re like a dangerous virus [say a bit slow. Rit.], I wonder what comes next.

    You’re a chance to chat, play, and ruin my day.
    When I’m thinking about (‘bout) you, I just procrastinate.
    You’re not just a hobby, but really my passion,
    Whatever people say, I think you’re still a sensation.

    Facebook, you’re such an adi-di-di-di-diction.
    Oh, you have useless commo-mo-mo-mo-motion.
    When my internet is down, I can always use my cell---phone---

    [Chorus III]
    Facebook, oh, I see you all around,
    I lose my homework here and there, and miss things that surround.
    ^^ I see you on my front door, and my bedroom that’s a mess;
    You have everyone addicted [no need to slow down here! biggrin ], I wonder what comes next.
    Oh, I wonder what comes next.
    Facebook, what would come next?
    Are ya gonna make my pay $5.99 a day?
    I just know that it’s surprising.
    It’s gonna by amazing. (AMAZING!!!)