• The world isn't chaotic
    But it also isn't peaceful
    Love is Fun and Joyfull
    But Destructive and Painful
    We live life like a storybook tale
    But not all life ends with a fail
    People see others as equals
    Monsters see others as lowers
    When we think of safety
    We think of love
    We think of home
    We think of happiness
    But a haven can never be found
    For if you can find one
    Others shall find it as well
    Life is just a orchestra
    Playing a sad symphony
    It's quiet and claming at first it starts
    But becomes sinister and dark like a Ñawt
    But in the end it all fades out
    Into a short small silent part
    Live life like a symphony
    Don't change the tune
    For changing your own tune
    Will make it a mess.