• Battle's end resolves into stillness,
    Declaring time unwelcome.
    Disturbing the evil between worlds,
    Glimpsing the shadow lands beyond,
    Victorious and vanquished lies entangled,
    One’s last breathe filling the breathe of the other.
    A heart beats and the wheel turns again.

    In the chilled light of victory's dawning
    Tendril ties of loss slither
    Forth to bind the strong, yanking them,
    Uncertain, to wheel the sword of death,
    Its merciless turn pulling them down.
    Yanked by fear, seduced by despair, they waiver.
    Their triumph becomes hope in the dark.

    On the first starlit eve of victory,
    Peace settles on weary souls,
    Soothing wounds and seducing the
    Wise to wish on a deathless path.
    But love grinds the wheel of life again,
    Pulling hope along in the wake of anguish.
    Wishes melt into the heart of truth.

    Daylight shines on victory's aftertime,
    The death and the life lay bare.
    Memories, heartaches and hope calls
    The courageous turn to wheel the sword of fate.
    Crushed beneath its rims, they weep.
    Finding faith in endless cycles, they believe
    Memories will bear the pain of sacrifice.