• we are all human
    why does it matter who we love
    be they a boy
    be they a girl
    why does it have to matter so much
    you love who you love
    so why does it have to matter their gender
    so what, so it's different than the normal
    but if you truly believe it t be wrong
    do for me one thing, define normal
    maybe to one person normal is eating meat
    normal to another may be no meat
    I don't see why it must matter
    if you love somebody, you love them
    why does it matter if they are of the same,
    or the opposite gender
    why should it matter
    love is love
    why should love between two girls
    or love between two boys
    be any different than love between a boy and a girl
    I don't understand how anybody can say tat love is wrong
    if it is true
    and it is even if it is between people of the same sex
    even if it is between people of different sex
    I love girls...
    I have never loved a guy, not in my life so far
    to me, as it is all I have ever known
    it is my normal
    and I don't get how or why people can say that isn't normal
    it is normal to me
    I have only had three girlfriends
    and never kissed anyone in all that time
    lots of people would say that because of that, that I'm just trying to stand out, trying to be different,
    bu I know that's not true
    I know it's not true,
    when I sit next to her, an want to kiss her o badly it hurts
    when I look at her and feel happy, even when I'm sad
    when she takes my hand, and I never want her to let go
    I know it's not true
    when I see him, the one everyone wants me to be with
    and I feel nothing
    I don't want to kiss him, I don't want him to touch me,
    when my heart doesn't leap with anticipation to see him
    when just seeing him, doesn't make me smile
    I love girls, I am a girl
    I don't see the problem with that
    I don't see how it can be fake
    I don't see how it can be bad
    when it feels so real, when it feels so... right.