• To: Justin
    (A.K.A. Ven-Kun)

    All My Love: Jessica
    (A.K.A. Hikaari-Kaht)

    people ask what ill do wen the army takes you away,
    i imagin ill sit in my room and wait for you every day,
    i know it will be so much heartbreak,
    when i have to watch you leave,
    wondering everyday what you are doing,
    and if you will be thinking of me,
    going from together every day,
    to never being with you,
    is something that will take much time,
    and much getting used to,
    already sometimes i have nightmares,
    and wake up hoping that you will come home safe to me,
    most nights i admit,
    that im already losing sleep,
    wondering all night how long six months will seem,
    waiting for the next call or letter,
    or to see you in my dreams,
    i know it will get harder every day,
    and when i hope it will get better,
    the same it will stay,
    they ask me what i will do,
    and i know within my heart,
    i will stay here and wait for you,
    because no distance can keep us apart,
    i will do it cause you need someone,
    to stick right by your side,
    i promiced you i would do it,
    so i dedicate my life,
    i will do it because this is your dream,
    and i know your doing it for your life with me,
    i will support you each step of the way,
    this has already changed you from a boy,
    to the man before my eyes today,
    i cant imagin you expanding more,
    but i guess thats what the armys for,
    i will stick it out because i need you,
    and i know with all that training,
    you will need me too,
    i do it because your not only my man,
    your my lover,
    and my very best friend.