• People, people everywhere
    Men and women from here to there.
    Why the differences why the separation
    From street to street and nation to nation

    I don't give a damn if you're white or black
    If you're a friend of mine, I've got your back.
    Racism of any kind, I'm not a fan
    Why's it matter when we're all human?

    Gay bi or straight, why should we care who you love?
    It's not our right to judge or some guy from above.
    Love who you want and be your own person.
    I don't understand why there should be so much cursin'

    Religions of all sizes, shapes, all from a different date.
    But why between them does there have to be so much hate?
    I'm an Atheist and this anger is something I don't understand.
    Don't damn each other to hell, you should work hand in hand.

    This world's balance is fragile and so are we.
    We all need to work together, that is plain to see
    Put aside your differences, physical and in the mind
    Your life will get much easier, that I think you'll find

    Don't break each other down, we need to build up the planet
    Spread out the kindness, take your hate and can it
    We are all humans, equal one and all
    United we will stand, divided we will fall