• The open window and the shut door
    The outside world and so much more
    The antiqe ship clock and the clock on the floor
    The guitar and the drums
    The things that we have done
    The piano and the organ
    The darts and the board
    The day and the night
    The moon and the sun
    The places we've been and the places will go
    The thing we know and the things we'll know
    The broken window and the open door!
    The things in life and so much more!
    The day we lost and the cost we will pay!
    Things we done and thing we'll say
    The grass and the green
    And the things we've seen
    The places we've been and the places we've seen
    The wind and the air
    And the things we don't care
    The kids and the fun
    All things we've done
    The kite in the wind
    And song shall begin

    It's longer than life
    But you must hear it some day
    It's a song you must hear
    Even if you don't like it
    Well I...don't... care...

    The music and the lyrics
    The floor and the celing
    The gun and the shot
    And the things we are not

    The trafic and the street lights
    The day that seems to meet nights
    The man that got shot
    The man you are not
    The eggman and the I am
    The walrus and the coo coo ca-chu
    The things we have heard the things we do
    The day we got the day we lost
    The time we had to pay the cost
    As the sun just sits there starring at the world
    The earth and universe What is it all worth
    So I don't know what it is
    That this song is about
    Tell me now or tell later
    And I won't be in doubt

    Oh the phone and the ring
    And the things that I sing
    The places I've been and things I have know
    The wish I've wished and the prays that I've prayed
    The day light and the night light
    The street lights and the cars
    The freedom and the stars
    Oh listen won't you listen to what this song has to say
    Oh listen today...
    Through the open window
    And broken glass
    Some things just don't ever last
    And don't you be discouraged by what others seem to say
    But look through the open window
    And take hold of your life today...