• WARNING!!! This does mention self-harm so if it offends or it effects you badly, I'd suggest not reading. I've "bleeped" out the swearing though. Either way, hope you like it or at least give it a chance <3


    **** me over
    Make me bleed
    Screw me up
    It’s what I need

    Make the cuts
    Deep in my wrist
    Knife goes deep
    Then give it a twist

    Make me feel
    Like life’s a waste
    Blood on my lips
    The sweetest taste

    Help me see
    I stuffed this up
    Make me see
    You give a ****

    Hold me close
    And tell me please
    That this ****
    Ain’t what I need

    I wanna believe
    What you say is true
    But trust in others
    Isn’t what I do

    Blame the one
    Who took it away
    When I told them
    All was wrong that day

    The blood needs to drip
    Down my arm
    Unless you’ll protect me
    From gruesome self harm

    Just come back
    Tell me I’ll be okay
    Then maybe I’ll trust you
    Soon some day

    But for now let me hide
    Let me crawl underground
    Where you won’t hear me cry
    No I won’t make a sound

    I’ll find a cave
    Where the air is all gone
    You can come find me
    Only after the dawn

    I won’t be there
    Not as I now am
    I’ll be dead as can be
    Be one of the damned

    I wish I could stay
    The way I was back then
    But that means I’d have
    To start life over again

    So listen as I gasp
    My famous last words
    Remember them for me
    As my vision blurs

    I’ll fade to black
    As you hold me tight
    I know you think
    This isn’t right

    It’s how I live
    Til the day I die
    So when I do
    Just let me fly

    I’ll love you always
    More than you know
    So thank you
    But now I have to go