• Do I have the right to fly above the
    blood red sun?
    Or to swing hand in hand on the
    twinkling stars?
    Or to jump into the fluffy clouds and

    Do I have the right to let the world
    know I'm distressed
    And make it rain?
    Or to let the know I'm angry by
    showing lightning?

    Or am I to be consumed by two evils?

    The lesser having a light at the end,
    But still evil

    Am I, to dance in the sky
    To be consumed by these evils,
    and be corrupted?

    To add the human element,
    And destroy everything that we hold dear
    to ourselves?
    And to demolish everything I created?

    Or am I to stay strong through the
    relentless attacks of the evils?

    To not be consumed or corrupted
    to stand strong and proud

    Showing the evils my strength and will
    To be pure