• Shattered, all course, for proper
    love you more with each green-tings.

    Even the best men couldn't stop her
    screaming out to friends "Yellow and Hi".

    He'd gotten so tipsy from the prop, err
    making us feel less of his orange-inality.

    Too much white-out from the stopper
    blanking the essay we've all red.

    Marathons with popcorn and cola
    we've watched from the Future and black.

    A couple of you scream and hollah
    so much trouble but you'll be all white.

    She's still waiting for you to call her
    that car was bruised a raging violet violent.

    Another two couldn't keep a secret in the hall,
    we all knew she blue it.

    I'm a fan of yours, you see,
    All your colors are offensives;
    Pallet looks great to me.