• I was soaring
    High in the sky
    Looking down on the world
    Watching it's demize
    Weapons tried to pierce
    My invincible skin
    The only way to kill me
    Was from within
    I laughed at the sight
    What fools they were?
    Trying to destroy
    A beautiful bird
    Then, from nowhere
    An arrow hit my chest
    The skies began to darken
    As I fell to my death
    SLAM the ground trembled
    People gathered around
    The ancient graveyard
    Where I lay in the ground
    A kid tried to touch me
    But, I still had some fight
    I bit the kid's finger off
    And threw it out of sight
    The kid screamed and ran
    I laughed within my head
    The people stared and murmured
    I couldn't make out what they said
    Then, a man walked up to me
    And was afraid to try
    So, with all my might, I stood up
    And took his filthy eye
    That was the last
    I had seen before I died
    But, my lovely souvenir
    Is way better than the skies.