• #96:If you are a skipping stone
    Then I would like to be your lake
    If you are stuck out in the cold then I’ll be your jacket
    Should you need a place to stay let me be your home
    And when your job goes to Nam your new job could be just by my side
    I’ll be your coffee
    Made at the break of dawn
    I’ll be the pond, bishop and the knight
    If you will yet be the queen
    Should you be without any food
    Then I’ll be the roast upon your plate
    Or should your house be taken
    I’ll be the roof over your head
    In the freezing night I’ll be your warmth
    Should you be ill
    Then I’ll be the medicine of the day
    If you find yourself alone
    Then I’ll be your company
    When the roof goes in ill be the umbrella over your head
    Or I could be the ground you’re walking on
    And I’ll be your lake
    If you would just be my skipping stone