• i can remember our walks through the park,
    telling him about my life,
    he made my heart soar,
    and laughed with me side by side,
    and when i told him all my firsts he listened so very carefully.

    it was my first love,
    he told me things i know weren't true,
    and said he really loved me,
    but his words didn't match his actions,
    and now my best friend is having his baby.

    it was my first kiss,
    he held me while i cried,
    wiped each tear from my eye,
    and thats when he left me,
    he moved so far away and never tried to see me.

    it was my first dance,
    he didn't want to be seen,
    i thought he was affraid of dancing,
    but it was something i couldn't see,
    he was ashamed to be with me.

    it was my first friend,
    he always told me he was there,
    he never left me in my tears,
    he watched over me,
    why is life unfair?

    today is my first mourning,
    since my beat friends birthday,
    the day we went for a walk,
    and we had so much fun and talked,
    befor his mother shot him...