• I'm trying to remember back to the good old days
    when privacy actually meant something,
    and the people you thought were your friends
    could actually be trusted.

    I'm trying to remember back to when I was young
    and my only worry was getting home before curfew,
    and the worst that could happen
    was getting grounded from your friends.

    I'm trying to remember when I met the people I know now
    who are some of the best and worst people in the world,
    the people who have my back
    and know just how to stab me there.

    I'm trying to remember when people only had one face
    that you could tell anything without it getting out,
    when your dirtiest secret was stealing
    from the corner store.

    As I think back on it
    I'm really starting to miss the simplicities,
    the things I never knew that I took for granted
    until now.

    When I really consider it
    I miss the way you could trust people with all your heart,
    because back then friends were friends
    before they were your enemies.

    Sometimes when it crosses my mind
    it makes me want to cry,
    knowing that the world I live in now
    is so hard and unforgiving.

    Though when I take a deep breath and think,
    I would never be the person I am now
    if it weren't for the person I was then,
    and I know that somewhere in the world...

    There's someone enjoying those little simplicities,
    and taking them for granted just like we did.