• She takes another deep drag

    Her head begins to spin

    She's a monster on the inside

    And she can't hold it in

    She looks around and doesn't realize

    What everyone else can see

    That what would seem like the worst nightmares

    Are her sweetest dreams

    She shoots it up, another hit

    There's a pain in her chest

    Yet, she can't help but to want more

    She's feeling at her best

    She's addicted, constantly benumbed

    It's her only desire

    She'll do almost anything

    Just to feel that fire

    Another hit, it's almost out

    Now her heart is racing

    Why does she still want more?

    Her hands begin shaking

    She hits the ground; she's on her knees

    She feels like she's dying

    One last hit is all it takes

    Now she thinks she's flying

    Now she's feeling all the rush

    She can barely breathe

    Asphyxiated in a fantasy

    Suffocating while trying to self-please

    She tries to open up her eyes

    As she looks around, she sees

    Everything she's been hiding from

    Heartbreaking reality

    Now matter how hard she tries

    She can't get back up

    She knows that it's way too late

    And she's too deeply cut

    Her heart skips beating; ears are ringing

    Her head begins to ache

    She's falling now; she's losing her grip

    Not wanting to be awake

    She's never experienced feeling weak

    But now she feels so small

    Maybe she would rather hurt

    Than feel nothing at all

    Now the room is going dim

    As her face hits the floor

    The beating stops; the spinning quits

    She's not flying anymore