• Song:My Cure

    Headlights on a dark night.
    I hear the sounds; crashing down.
    Waiting for a good time; cause you know what I see.
    Oh, you always get the upper hand.
    Why don't I ever take a stand?
    Cause these limits are killing me. You have full control of me.
    Lost in this pool of quicksand. I rise to fall back in.
    Now it's clear and I can see...These haunting memories.
    You have lost close to everything. It's out of sorts with sympathy.
    And I have fallen to the floor....
    Chorus: So now your eyes are flashing. Hatred is the only blessing. Feeling anything at all.
    So now our lines are crossing. Your love is slowly causing; me to bleed more...
    Yet your presence I adore.
    My body's shaking,aching;All the pain I'm facing; Dying for your touch...
    Oh God; I try, I try; To say goodbye. But just can't go...
    You are my only reason to go on; but as i grab your hand you fall. Not anymore.
    I refuse to leave you; cause i adore you here. Just smile...no more fear. No more tears tonight. Stay here.
    You'll let go, but you don't know it's alright. Just keep your shame inside a frame. Away from light.
    Keep still like you have before. Because your silence is my cure...