• Je’tadore Monami
    Wee Wee Misure
    Un amante?
    Un ami?
    My stomach hurts
    My heart aches
    My laugh is dried
    My tears are cried
    I can only feel as if
    I should curl up and die
    Self Destruct
    I hit the button
    Paging Dr. Emotion
    Revenge is a mother
    I guess you’ve finally made me nothing
    Russian Roulette anyone
    Ill pull your trigger
    To say I hate you would be a lie
    But the love I have for you
    That too shall pass
    Oh yes it will fade
    And the last words you shall hear me say
    Is goodbye.
    Jusque la
    Bonsoir, sweet dreams
    Pas de cauchemars
    Mon Cheri,
    Je’tadore indeed.