• I thought it had changed
    I thought there was going to be no more pain
    But the worst came from you
    I thought there was such a thing as true love
    I thought that there were such a things as happy endings
    But it’s not true
    I was a fool to think so
    You helped me up
    I was happy
    You let me go
    I fell
    Fell hard
    And I thought you would return
    But it’s all gone
    You fixed my heart
    Then you took a few steps back
    You raised your arm and aimed at my chest
    You shot my heart
    But it didn’t stop beating
    Oh how I wish it had
    You betrayed me
    You fooled me
    You hurt me then crushed me
    You left and I stayed there
    Waiting like an idiot for you to come back
    You never did
    You destroyed my heart
    You broke my soul
    I lay here in pieces
    Too many of them missing
    I shall never be complete again
    No one completed me like you did.