• Your silence only confirms
    That which I had expected.
    I’ll have to come to terms
    With the lack of interest I’ve detected.

    It hurts me so much
    To know you don’t want me,
    When at night I long for your touch.
    You’re killing me, don’t you see?

    When I think about you
    My eyes flood like lakes.
    I wish you’d love me too.
    Will I ever learn from my mistakes?

    Each day I awake
    With you on my mind.
    Your interest is fake
    And your words are too kind.

    I’ve fallen for your game -
    Your ruthless manipulation.
    Have you no shame?
    Just complete my elimination…

    You flirt so indifferently
    And I want it to be real.
    You torture me so easily.
    Do you know how I feel?

    I'm done with the lies,
    Your ruthless deceit.
    I now cut all ties,
    And embrace my defeat.