• Hey! You waiting by the docks; where have all the sailors gone?
    Hey you lying down on the floor. Who are you to feel useless?
    Hey you! Criticizing everyone around you. The words you say will bind you of true love.
    Hey you boys dying for attention. Go out and be your own person. Pave your own road.
    Hey you dreamers. Spread your wings and sore.
    Hey you haters hurting those around you. Loose your act or pain and agony shall bound you.
    Hey all lovers dying to make peace. Keep your hope and words you've spoke. The one's with hearts are the one's who feel the joys of life and death.
    Hey all of you who leave your dreams behind. Is it so wrong to keep what you dreamed of on your minds?
    Hey everyone who believes these words. When you finish reading i hope you find that what you are is what will be. And you can be proud of it. Just like me... blaugh