• Most people dear death but I embrace it feeling
    Not out of anger or regret but out of pride
    Knowing that my life ended on my terms
    And hopefully that my death has spurned others to live

    My sole desire is to make a difference in this world
    Be it marching around town and having my voice heard

    The pain I feel day by day is not physical
    It's pain from of remorse for not telling her how I feel
    She's moved on ignoring and rejecting my feelings
    And has brushed me aside for someone that she can love

    Most people aren't afraid to take what they want
    I've loved her for years, even when I wasn't sure what love was
    If I had the chance to take her love by storm, I'm not sure that I would take it
    It's that pain that keeps me going; my resolve to keep fighting

    My ever fleeting courage
    The self devouring regret
    The painful loss of love
    The fading of my own heart

    Fear is something we can't stand
    That intimidates us
    Sometimes it's something we can't explain
    The unknown scares
    To sum it up, it's something we don't want

    But for me
    my fear is for something I do want
    I could have but cannot hold

    It's a shame that my greatest fear is also my greatest desire