• A little girl crying on a curb
    of what had happened
    because it all happened so fast.
    One minute
    you were fighting
    the next
    you were out the door.
    She screamed
    running from home
    calling for you
    but the only answer she got
    was a blown kiss
    and a splash from the car that was driving away.
    Now she sits
    on the curb
    because she can almost tell
    that you will never come back.
    The rain
    is pounding so hard
    but she stays outside
    just in case you do.
    She waits for hours
    until she can cry no more.
    She has no choice
    but to go home.

    Ten years later
    after suffering
    for the time she thought would never come
    you appear at her doorstep
    trying to apologize.
    She closed her eyes
    how hard it was to live without a mother
    how she cried every time she thought about that day
    how much she missed your laugh
    and the way you braided her hair.
    How painful it was to watch the other children
    getting hugs from the other moms
    when they got hurt
    or were just lonely.
    How much she missed you
    and wished you were there to comfort her.
    How much she'd love everything to be okay
    to forget what had happened these past years
    to forget all the hate.
    She opens her eyes.
    She slams the door in your face.
    She leaves you out in the rain
    to sit on a curb.
    She could never trust you again.
    She wasn't that desperate.
    She was burnt.
    Not broken.