• A petal that falls
    The clock strikes twelve, minus two
    Moonlight shining in the halls
    All I see is nothing but blue
    A fallen rose
    Right at me
    The tip that stings the skin
    There is something within me

    The mighty archangel in white
    The witty phantom in black
    A rapier I pull out
    And disarm him of his sack
    The second petal falls
    Half past twelve, minus two
    Nothing but both of us in the halls
    The strength in my hands has just grew

    A worn cape
    A concealed face
    Nothing but the glowing hat
    I have no disgrace
    The flower will soon wilt
    The moonlight still shines
    The vivid darkness
    Is almost like a thousand spines

    One sting of the rose
    A third petal dries
    The clock strikes eleven
    Time at night really flies
    Walking out of the room
    Rapier in hand
    The best luck has yet to come
    And outside in daylight, I will have the greatest land.