• Everything I try to fix ruins my life
    I try to fight back but then it burns me
    I call for help but no one cares to listen
    Then its over but the truth I still can't see

    Later I cry within the darkness
    Looking to the past and only seeing your lies
    Hoping to find someone to love
    Then gaze out the window to the blackened skies

    Then I finally drift into my sleep
    Dreams of life that could never come true
    I smile never wanting it to end
    Then I wake up simply feeling blue

    But later when I see you
    The words I hear are all unspoken
    The time can only last so long
    But I must leave with my heart rebroken

    I go home to an empty house
    Not ever knowing what to do
    I waste the time til the night again when
    I can fall asleep to dream of me and you