• Worthless, Hopeless, Useless, Alone
    She felt all of this and more day in and day out
    Because she was ignored by the world
    One night, she saw no way of hope
    She grabbed a razor, and said,"I can't take it anymore!"
    She cut open her forearm with agonizing pain
    She knew that this would come back to haunt her
    But she just didn't care at the time
    Night after night it was the same routine
    Hours upon hours of pain and suffering
    And she didn't give a care in the world
    She cried out in pain wanting to be heard
    She needed someone to help her get her life straight
    Maybe Someone to love her was all she ever wanted
    But, one, night, she cut too far, opening a vein
    "She was gone within minutes", the Doctor said
    A few weeks later, a young man came to her grave
    Carrying some white daisies...Her favorite.
    He stopped and knelt, whispering quietly,...
    "You were NEVER worthless" <3