• Air is the very thing we use. Air is the gravity we stand on. Air is the smalles but one of the deadliest for air can kill us silently. Air has us in her hands. Air is the one we can not mess with. Air is the very life we use, but air is the very death we have.

    Earth is the very place we live on. Earth can destroy our homes, earth can give us new ones. Earth is the gambler on who surives within the attack, earth has lady luck in her hands. Earth can help us or can leave us behind. Earth is a gambler who can be lucky or lose everything we have earned

    Water can drown water can save, water can kill, water can help water is lady death who walks besides lady life water is a silent killer water is a mysterious helper water decideds who lives and who drowns water plays by her own rules water can wash out everything forever water can mystify gravity

    Fire burns all, fire warms all, fire is your enemy in your best friend's shoes, fire can decieve fire can recieve fire can do all sorts of things fire can burn you down fire can help you up that is the mysterie of fire