• I love to linger
    between reality and dreams
    that place where floating
    above a sea of blankets
    amidst a sky of pillows
    beneath a ceiling of snow

    Where obnoxious birds
    chirp their oh-so-lovely tune
    It keeps me there
    Do you know?
    Listen to an overplayed melody
    and it worms its way into your heart

    Flashes of violet and magenta
    Tulips that climb their way
    Up through the opaque ice
    Silver stems a constant movement

    Lush throw pillows
    a gentle breeze
    silk against my skin
    Ribbons of rose petals
    flutter and dance across the floor

    Tales of regret
    of endless joy
    echo within this canyon
    Imagination flying free

    Wonderful, is it not?
    To be wherever I choose
    enjoying the impossibilities
    within my own room.