• They say to forgive and forget
    But I don't want to just yet
    You're gone, it's true, I can't deny
    But all I can wonder is "why?"
    It happens all the time, I know
    Sooner or later, someone goes
    Teenage romances go in and out
    Until you find someone who knows what love is about
    But I'm still reeling from the shock
    You held the key but instead broke the lock
    Leaving me empty and alone, again
    The sun was a break from the perpetual rain
    It's happened before, I showed you the scars
    But that didn't mean that you couldn't still break my heart
    You know, this thing will mend only so many times
    Before it cracks completely, loses its shine
    If I meet someone else I'll warn them too
    But will they listen?
    Or will they