• stare I'm still a child in a teenagers body,
    I have more emotions than most believe,
    I am a coward and though most disagree I know this is true.

    I could have helped them out,
    I could have stopped the fight,
    instead of sit and stared in fright,
    I feel so stupid when I see him now,
    wanting to cry and scream aloud.

    I am a child in a teenagers body,
    I am now broken, and its all my fault,
    they say its not, i had no hand delt in this fault,
    but thats not true and I know that is so.

    When I see her face I feel like I am dying,
    when I think of it all I feel like i'm numb,
    I once thought that if I was never born this would never have happened,
    but now I know that I must stay to protect the people I love.

    Though I am broken and nearing the break,
    I know that I must control myself for the others sake,
    I know that I mustn't make another mistake,
    So no one else can be broken.

    Though I am a coward I know what I must do,
    I must keep myself together,
    Protect the ones that I can,
    And though my soul is broken,
    I must never break.