• If you could put everything
    Out of the way,
    Out of the way,
    Make room for me
    & I'll show you who you want me to be
    & It won't stop, it won't end now
    Just keep on ringing in my head

    You're holes, You're fibble
    You're screaming to escape
    Want to get out
    but the ones who love you
    Put you there anyway
    cause they care so they say

    So if I left moments in your head
    Things that just weren't said
    Would you make room for me?
    Would you make room for me?

    There's too much noise out there
    No one seems to hear it all
    I'm the only one
    & I'll try to catch you
    But please don't fall
    And it will all come to an end
    If you just make room for us to be