• Here at last, at the shores of the sea,
    comes the end of all this.
    Short may be our time on earth,
    but you have to enjoy what you have left.
    My time has finally come,
    I must move on.

    we come and go in to this tale,
    my time is already set.
    i must sailed away.
    A new story shall began,
    one you'll have to write...

    my times are now long gone,
    you must go alone.
    i know you can do it, you are strong

    the power of my heart is ending,
    the desires of my soul fading.
    times is ending, my ship sailing,
    i must go now,

    the sea calls out for me,
    the last ship of this age awaits by the see.
    now it is time for the good bye,
    but this si not the end,
    we shall always be friends...

    no dark times will take over you,
    you shall lighted up the night,
    and protected everyone around.

    i will trusted you this task,
    i wouldn't be in better hands.

    well my friend,
    i must move on now.
    i will always be by your side.
    even in the deepest night