• i gaze at walls of white while i question my own sanity
    Sitting in the darkness while hoping it will stay that way
    knowing that no light can shine here only running from myself.
    Because deep down,the only thing to be afraid of is who I may become.
    the person that walks with shadows or the person who sings with angels with chains wrapped around wings of gold. i fear becoming somone so simply ******** in the head. and yet i hate to admit.that such a thing is my deepest desire.
    maybe the person whom sleeps with lies and deceit, and flies only with demons, both in the skies, and in the heart.
    Someone who knows the right thing to do, but decides against the better possibly even the one whom screams from nightmares filled with red. you would think that heavens gate would be closed ever so tightly away from me. but in the moment of secrecy i have found that the door to heaven and hell are not so far apart at all. flying with these demons can only take me so far. its the angels that will carry me back to earth.