• Letting time slip through my fingers,
    As I watch the People pass by,
    Letting my Love slip away,
    As I watch the sea,
    Letting Hope fly away,
    As I watch the doves sing.

    Watching my heart crumble,
    As Everyone dances,
    Watching my life slip away,
    As children play,
    Watching Time go on,
    As the statue stands still,

    Living in the ways of the old,
    As I watch My children grow,
    Living in songs of old,
    As time forgets,
    Living in home of ancients,
    As the trees grow,

    I can hear the wind cry out my name,
    A silent voice inside,
    I can hear the children sing,
    A forgotten meaning,
    I can hear the earth whispering,
    A crying heart,

    I can see the children dance,
    A Lost memorie
    I can see the clouds fading,
    A decaying life,
    I can see the ruins crumbling,
    A living legend,

    I can smell the sea,
    A memorie of old,
    I can smell the flowers,
    A last step,
    I can smell the smoke,
    A regreted mistake,

    I can feel a burning fire,
    Forgotten in the wind,
    I can feel the earth,
    A cold barren place,
    I can feel the wind,
    A Silent voice,

    I know the songs of old,
    Never forgotten,
    I know the heart of the earth,
    Forever lost,
    I know the way of the wind,
    Never loved,

    This is the land Time regrets,
    This is the song Time let slip away,
    This is the life Time Forgot.