• Dreaming a dream of a unberdened life.
    Dreaming the dreams of life being happy.
    Dreaming of the things you want and get.
    Only you know if you wake up now it will all crash.
    And you know everything will burn in your mind.
    Everything is going to be like the way
    it was before the invention of sleep.
    There will be no knight in shining armor.
    Or the princess in the castle that needs you.
    There is a world of pain.
    A world of hurt.
    In a dream you have the love of your life
    then when you wake they are gone.
    They disappear into the dust of fairytales.
    The lives you wish for die into the dreams.
    So can i stay asleep for just a bit more?
    Can i cling to the last bit of hope and happiness
    of fiction and myths?
    Can I stay with you a few more minutes?
    Kiss you a little longer?
    Hold you closer?
    Can you stay with me?
    Why does it have to end?