• I never thought it was possible
    To ever feel this way.
    Your presence leaves me speechless
    Not knowing what to say.

    I'm amazed we're still together,
    after all that we've been through.
    How after all this time,
    I still have a million reasons to love you.

    When I'm in my moment of doubt,
    and somehow end up crying.
    You just simply smile,
    And say, "Come on, baby. Keep trying."

    Through every fight we have
    You seem to take the blame.
    Though we both know it's not your fault
    You're just trying to calm the flame.

    I love you so much
    and it's impossible for me
    To explain how badly,
    I want us to be

    Together forever,
    Till there's nothing left to love.
    And when that time comes,
    I promise to love you forever