• You say you love me, you say you care.
    But if that was the truth, then you would share.
    I understand, I always know.
    Even though it rarely shows.

    If you knew why, then you could try.
    But your ignorant and only lie.
    I'm smarter then you, in every way.
    But you don't care, your here to stay.

    You think my smile is for love,
    But theres no more peace, not even in a dove.
    Theres no more love, only hate.
    Cause I believe, that love can wait.

    I hate it here, and I love it two.
    But don't even think, I love it cause of you.
    Don't say you love me, I hate that lie.
    Because when it's said and done, I love to watch you cry.

    heart heart heart heart heart heart